Ronen Azulay, an Israeli born artist, lives and works in New York City since 1996. After finishing his studies at F.I.T. he followed a corporate path and designed menswear for some of the biggest brands including Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger. At the outset of 2018 he chose to bring his life and work experience together to build his own design brand. RO25 Design, handcrafted artisanal objects, is a shift in his daily environment from corporate office to artist’s studio. He has been reflecting on his role as a consumer in a world of mass production leading Azulay to slowdown the process by recycling materials, using them as new media and tools. He incorporates items castoff from his former life as a fashion designer, including repurposed denim and other textiles. Launched in Fall 2019, RO25 premiered its one-of-kind designs at the renowned ABC Home in NYC and has gone national with Free People and other boutique shops to a resounding success.

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My skills and specialities include AutoCAD, Fashion Modeling, Pet Styling, 120mm Film, Blogging, and Getting Things Done.

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