Fringes of the Star


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30.5” x 30.5” Hexagon upholstered and hand painted denim frame paired with luxe, pearl antique custom cut mirror.

While others transform repurposed denim into new clothes or fibers, New York Based artist Ronen Azulay takes old jeans and denim scraps and meticulously turns them into fine art. The frame of this hand-painted, meticulously reconstructed mirror upholstered in denim. Evoking a frame within a frame, this stunning decorative piece bridges the gap between art and design.

“Being a designer from my past I wanted to take an element from fashion and turn it into fine art especially after seeing all the samples and remnants lying around the office that people had no appreciation of” says the artist. “I wanted to take everything discarded and repurpose it by creating jewels out of things I find.”